Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. People of all ages enjoy using this to learn about businesses, keep in touch with family, and more. 

There are over 2 billion users each month, and they are constantly sharing media like photos, videos, and music with family and friends. Aside from sharing original content, people enjoy reposting and sharing others’ content/Facebook posts they find informative or engaging. 

But, if you’re posting on your profile, and you would like to make facebook post shareable by others, you want to be sure it is a shareable post. It’s an option that you’d like to keep active, especially if you’re a brand that uses Facebook for your social media marketing efforts. 

Making a post shareable is easy. Under the Facebook profile name, click the gray security button. You’ll then see an option list to change your post’s share settings. Change this up to “Public.” The post may now be shared by anybody off or on the Facebook website!

So, in this article, we will discuss how you can schedule your Facebook posts, how a person can make a post shareable on private facebook group, groups, pages, and Facebook profiles, and how you can use Facebook scheduled posts to make your content streamlined across pages, groups, and profiles.

Create Engaging Content

So, you’re ready to learn how to post on Facebook? Before sharing a post on Facebook, or making a Facebook post, you have to know what it means to create fun, engaging content. 

Making a good Facebook post isn’t hard at all. Using multimedia and visuals is the way to go about it!

For example, videos are a great way to increase your strategy on Facebook. You can create and share many videos. They could be educational, informational, or something else entirely.

Posting product photos is another great way to increase engagement. Create displays based on whichever holiday is just around the corner, or try a flat lay. 

Infographics are another great way to increase engagement on your Facebook post. Infographics can be large, but sizing them appropriately means they can be shared anywhere. 

Visual media such as videos and infographics are great, but you can also use text to increase engagement. Asking a question is one such way to increase post engagement. For example, let’s assume you are selling candles. You’ve got three choices for sale- Sugar Cookie, Peppermint Candy Cane, and Pine Tree. You can describe these candles and create a festive Christmas display, but then ask followers which candle they’d buy. You’re almost guaranteed to get a response!

Behind-the-scenes content is another great way to get your information out there to potential sharers. You can get someone to share a Facebook post if you offer up some photos of your business. You’ll find plenty of ways to do this. You can demonstrate how the products are made, tell them about your employees, or post funny moments at your workplace. 

For example, on International Dog Day, posting dogs is always a winning strategy. Cute dogs will be shared everywhere, and your business or content gets noticed.

Promoting Shares on facebook post

One important aspect of how to post on Facebook or share a post on Facebook is how to promote your shares. 

The most critical part of all this is learning how to engage with your followers and capture their attention. Responding to their messages and comments is one great way to do it.

As with any good marketing strategy, know your audience. What can you post to get them to share with their friends? 

Question Posts are one great way to get your content out there and have it shared everywhere. Posting a question, and then watching people respond and discuss it amongst each other, is a great way to boost engagement. 

If you jump in and join the discussion, it helps the poster feel special and noticed. They’ll have a good image of your brand or service!

We’ve already mentioned image and video posts. Those are guaranteed winners, so keep it up. 

But if you’re ready for something new to engage your followers, why not try link posts? These typically generate hundreds of interactions. You can easily share website content and exciting blog postings with your Facebook followers. 

Who doesn’t love entering contests, hoping to win big? If possible, try to get your followers engaged by doing a giveaway. Let’s use our candle example from earlier. 

Suppose we are promoting the three new Christmas candles, Sugar Cookie, Peppermint Candy Cane, and Pine Tree. Imagine the interaction when we ask guests to reply with their favorite one, and we will choose three random winners out of all the names posted!

Then, consider the engagement if we include a coupon code for 10% off those candles. Even if the viewers aren’t lucky winners, they can still shave a little off the cost. Moreover, they can share the good bargain with friends and family.

Facebook groups and the tools involved are also great ways to promote shares. 

Facebook automatic posting/sharing a post on Facebook is pretty easy when you use these great tools. Posting frequently and consistently is the key to making your brand stand out and have a presence on Facebook. A daily post or at minimum three times per week is what you need to stay on the news feeds of your customers. 

Keeping up with all this can be difficult, as not everyone can afford to hire a social media manager. What can a small business owner do? 

Using social media scheduler services, for example, Vidloder helps you post to many social media sites at once in one handy dashboard. 

You can also schedule posts for the best engagement times with Vidloder. Just choose the “Auto-schedule for the best time” feature when making a post. It automatically scans engagement for previous posts and sets up the new post at an appropriate time.

Timing and Frequency

This brings us to our next topic on how to make a post shareable on Facebook, and more on sharing a post on Facebook or making a Facebook post. The time you make your posts matters greatly. 

What do we mean? 

Knowing when and how often to post to Facebook will help you enjoy greater engagement in your posts. 

It is generally advised that you post on Facebook between 1 and 2 times each day. Don’t go beyond twice a day. 

Bear in mind that each social media account is unique- you’ll need to learn your content’s analytics to post accordingly. 

On average, the typical Facebook page shares about 1.55 posts each day. Therefore, 1-2 posts a day is the perfect amount. 

Posting daily helps grow your followers four times faster because it means more visibility. You might create a content calendar, so you’re organized. Free templates are available online.

But what times are best for Facebook posting? Again, it all depends on your audience when your goal is sharing a post on Facebook. 

According to a Marketing Association, the best times to make a Facebook post are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM. It is advised to skip Saturday posts because that is the day with the least engagement. 

Facebook may seem like it is fading from popularity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are the top social media platform to this day, and that generally means a degree of success when you make a post. 

Facebook is famous for its 24-hour, 7-day engagement rates. For maximum success, try to post in the early morning, weekdays, and evening hours.


So, now is the time to sum up what we’ve learned so far in this post and bring it all home. What are the key takeaways offered in this article? 

Posts can be made shareable on your personal page, in public Facebook groups, on Facebook pages, and in closed groups. Posts can also be made shareable after they are posted.

  • Make posts “Public” on your profile page so more people can engage with it. 
  • Use Pages at the top left menu on your Facebook home page to find a post to share. These are public by default and may not be changed.
  • For sharing from public groups, start at your Facebook home page and click “groups” on the top left menu. Then choose the one you’d like to post upon. At the group homepage, click “Write Something” and then make your post.
  • To make a post shareable in a closed Facebook group, create the post on your timeline or newsfeed and ensure it is publicly available. Use the lower-right corner of the post to share it. Use the drop-down menu to “Share to Group,” choosing the private group you’re in. 
  • You can also make a certain post shareable but not make it public. To do this, make a post but just select any choice from “Friends except”, “Specific friends,” or “Custom” and choose who can see the post without turning it public.
  • Did you make a post and you’d like it shareable? Easy- simply find the post, click on the globe under your profile (near the post date) and choose the setting you like. 

And that’s it! Enjoy sharing a post on Facebook. We hope you found this “How to make a post shareable on Facebook” informative.