80% of Instagrammers are interacting with business, so making your story stand out is a big deal and a daunting task. Thankfully, we’ve got some advice for you. We can teach you how to add music to your story, which can make it stand out. 

If you are a marketer or content creation expert, then it’s no secret that creative visual cues are perfect to draw attention on social media. 

Music is a great way to do this. You can use a well-known track others already love or introduce the newest bop that gets the clicks going and the engagement fired up. 

Choose music that sets the correct mood. We can tell you all of this and more in our upcoming article, so read on!

There are six ways to make the most of your Instagram story with music, so let’s get into it. 

Understanding Instagram’s Music Features

In 2018, Instagram Stories was released. It is an exciting way to create a soundtrack to your life and express your thoughts. Instagram stories now reach 400 million users a day, and it’s a great way to communicate with family, friends, and followers. 

When a user taps to add a sticker to their videos or photos in Stories, they will see a “Music” icon. Tap there and you will gain access to a library filled with songs. Feel free to browse for the song you want, by mood, or by the most popular songs. 

Click “play” to hear a snippet of the song. Once you’ve found the one you like, rewind and fast-forward until you get to the part that suits your story. 

Explanation of the Different Music Features Available on Instagram Stories

Choosing Song Before Video Capture: When you open your camera, swipe to the new “music” choice under the “record” button. Search for your song, and choose the part you want. Then, record the video while your song runs in the background. 

Music sticker: While friends are watching your story, they will hear the selected song playing as they review your video or photo. They’ll also be able to read the sticker, which tells them the song title and artist. 

New Songs every day: Instagram adds new music to its library daily with many artists represented. You can use the Music Sticker as a regular feature of Instagram, and currently, only iOS users can select a song before taking a video. Android capability is coming soon.

Overview of the Different Music Sources Available for Use

Instagram: Instagram has a vast musical library, thanks to its partnership with Facebook and various record labels. You can choose from the “For You” or look for a specific track using “Browse.” 

Spotify: Spotify has plenty of neat tracks to use, and your followers will love your choices. Open the Spotify app, find the song you want, click the vertical ellipsis on your playlist, song or album, click Share, and click “Stories.” 

Spotify will open up a new story, uploading the playlist, album, or song cover art. Once the stuff is published, followers can click through to see the song.

Apple Music: Apple Music makes it easy. Open up the Apple Music app, and locate the song, playlist, or album you like. Now touch and hold, and click “Share.” Once the menu pops up, tap on Instagram and post as you regularly do.

SoundCloud: Open up your Soundcloud app, and then locate the song, playlist, or album you want, then click “Share.” When the menu pops up, click “Stories”. The cover art will be uploaded to the Instagram story. Once you’ve posted your story, a link shows up at the top of the story which says, “Play on Soundcloud”. If you click on it, you will be taken to the playlist, album, or song on Soundcloud.

Shazam: With your song playing in Shazam, tap “Share” and choose “Instagram.” You can then post the artwork and its song using “Your Story”.

Adding Music to an Instagram Story

This skill is necessary for any content creator or marketing guru who knows their stuff. 

Plus, once you’ve figured out your Instagram stories, you can get into unfolding the rest of your marketing strategy for the ‘Gram. 

Just read our guide, and you’ll be entrancing new followers and keeping them entertained. Here are the eight steps of adding music to your Instagram account.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Add Music to An Instagram Story

  1. Open up the Instagram app. (It’s a no-brainer!)
  2. Now click “Your Story” at the top-left screen corner or locate the post you wish to share, click on the airplane widget, then choose “Add Post To Your Story.”
  3. If you want to add a story using the “Your Story” icon, click on the “camera” square at the top left corner or select a video or photo from your camera roll. Go to step 4 if you are sharing somebody else’s feed post. 
  4. Choose “Stickers” on the widget top bar. 
  5. Now click on the “music” sticker. 
  6. Choose your song from the “For You” listing, or look for music you like using “browse.” 
  7. Once you’ve chosen your song, you can show the song name or cover art. You can scroll through the song and select where you want your music to begin. 
  8. Now you can share to “Close Friends” or the entirety of your following by choosing “Your Story.” 

Explanation of How to Select A Song or Sound for the Story

You can choose songs from Instagram’s library, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or Shazam. 

Read on to learn how to share using these sources!

Overview of How to Adjust the Volume and Duration of the Music

Duration: Tap on the music icon at the top of your screen. Choose an audio or song track. Once you’ve added that music, you’ll notice a timeline at the screen’s bottom. Drag sliders on each side of the timeline to adjust the length accordingly.

Volume: You may use the volume feature on the video itself or volume buttons on your device to make it louder or quieter.

Editing Music on an Instagram Story

Editing music is a breeze! Read on to learn how to trim the track to fit your post.

Explanation of How to Edit the Music on An Instagram Story

You can place the song onto your story immediately, but many people would like to make changes so it looks presentable and markets their brand.

Look for the timer in the bottom-left corner. Tap on it, and select the duration for the story- it can range from 2-15 seconds.

After you put the music onto your IG story, feel free to change how it looks. You can select different methods for displaying lyrics above the selected snippet. 

You can zoom the text in and out and move it around so it shows how you like. There’s also a color radiance choice at the top for selecting backgrounds and text colors. 

If you’d not show the lyrics, swipe the text options found near the bottom and choose the “sticker” feature. It will only display the sticker at the track of the story. Tap on the sticker and get different display choices for that.

Overview of How to Change the Song or Sound Used in the Story

It is easy- click the plus sign on your Profile Picture at the top-left of the screen. Open your story. Now, add the video or photo you like, click the “Music Sticker” and add whatever you like from Instagram, which is handy. Look for the song you want, and add it accordingly!

Explanation of How to Add or Remove Music From Specific Sections of the Story

Once you are happy with your song choice, you can click fast-forward and go through the track to select the part that best fits your story.

You can select how long the clip will play for, up to 15 seconds maximum. 

If lyrics get offered for the song chosen, they will pop up on the screen. 

You can select various fonts for these words and edit the song part you wish to hear playing. They can tap the lyrics and learn about the song or artist while they check out your story.

Lastly, you may customize the appearance of your sticker. Please tap it before you publish, and make the image smaller or larger if you like. 

And that’s all you need! You can post polls, hashtags, or GIFs. Finally, tap “Your Story” at the bottom, and you’ll be ready to post.

Troubleshooting Tips

So, you’ve followed all the steps, but there’s no music sticker on your app. What are the reasons? 

  1. Your app needs an update.
  2. The music feature isn’t available where you live
  3. You are sharing a branded content story

Instagram rules and copyright laws mean that music features cannot get used with branded items.

The workaround is pretty simple. 

  1. Open up your favorite streaming app- Apple Music or Spotify are two examples. 
  2. Begin playing the song you like. 
  3. With the song still on, go to Instagram and record the story. 

It won’t show lyrics or album art, but gets you the desired result to increase engagement. Just be wary of copyright infringement, which Instagram frowns upon.


Adding music to your Instagram story isn’t difficult and adds a new layer of fun to your stuff on Instagram. As a reminder, it’s only eight simple steps to add music, and you may do so directly from Instagram, thanks to their partnership with record labels.

Plus, you can use popular music libraries like Shazam, Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud to make it happen. 

Adding songs into your posts is a great way to make your posts stand apart from the rest and increase engagement. 

Enjoy the boost in engagement when you add music today!